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Developer description

Gumball Master is an exciting new game that blends the classic feel of an arcade game with the concentration and visual awareness required to play a puzzle game. You must guide all of the gum-balls to their destination (through the pipe of their respective color) by changing the direction of the control arrows. But watch out, this seemingly simple concept can quickly become very challenging!

It seems to have an almost sandbox-like feel to it, as the player gets to control everything that is happening within the game, however, it still maintains the firmness and stability of a classic arcade game as you try and restore order in the ever-increasing chaotic sea of gum-balls. This game is a perfect game to play in public while waiting for a bus, or a train, as each game is quick and fast paced, and the length of gameplay is determined both by your skill, and your selection of the numerous levels of varying difficulty. We really think gumball master is completely unique in its gameplay, but still maintains uncanny simplicity and elegance found in manny of the other stellar apps in the app store. We hope you think so too.

Game features include:
- Strategic arcade-style gameplay with a sandbox feel!
- 4 challenging maps, each of different difficulty and size!
- Stunning retina display graphics!
- Easy to learn, hard to master

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Last updated 9 Jan 2013