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Since 2004, Gust (formerly Angelsoft) has been building tools to help Startups and Investors ... More

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Published 19 Sep 2011

The power of the web to match people who want something with the very people who can provide it is undoubted and the concept can be no better illustrated than by Gust, the platform formerly known as Angelsoft, where entrepreneurs and investors come together.

With over 125,000 start-ups already funded, and access to more than 35,000 accredited investors, the site provides the guidance, tools and perfect environment for both parties involved in early stage funding.

Entrepreneurs can sign up and profile their business idea on their own page. The profile can include management bios, any number of documents including business plans and financials and even a video pitch to prospective investors. They can then look through the extensive list of investors and narrow down the search for funding to those already involved in similar businesses and present their idea to them.

Business angels and venture finance institutions that are registered members can search the site for suitable investment opportunities and manage all deal flow from within their own Gust account. From here they can also email business owners for more information and also see who else in the investment world is taking an interest in a particular company.

For the business owner the site is very useful in showing just who is looking at an idea and to what extent. Investor’s names are listed along with the particular part or parts of the profile they have accessed.

The site is billed as the official platform of the world’s...