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There's a new restaurant guide in town...and it's name is Gvidi

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Published 19 Aug 2013

[cont'd] network  profiles, Gvidi recommends the best restaurants that fit your taste. Every recommended restaurant is given a percentage score based on how it fits in with your personal profile. It can be filtered across multiple criteria including whether a place has WiFi and  non-smoking areas and what are its opening hours. The secret to Gvidi's great recommendations is its sophisticated collaborative filtering algorithms that processes data about  your habits and interests and is gathered from a wide range of open sources such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. As a result, the app points out how much a user will like a cafe or restaurant nearby and will suggest the highest ranked places first. User feedback from ratings and connecting through social networks ensures these personalized recommendations get smarter as you search. The Gvidi app features a clean, glossy modern design that lets you easily get recommendations by type of cuisine or location. All recommendations are easily viewed by map and in a detailed list. Give ratings to restaurants and cafes you have been to before and connect Gvidi to your social media accounts in order to get the most accurate personalized recommendations. It goes without saying that active travellers and big city inhabitants would love this app especially when it launches deals and table booking as promised by the developers in its description on the App Store.
The guys behind Gvidi have done their research well. They have put together this very clever restaurant recommendation app...