Developer description

hack_app is a common application that allows prospective students to apply to multiple code schools around the world, with just one single application.

Career accelerators, like Dev Bootcamp, General Assembly, and Hack Reactor (often called code schools) are shaking up the education industry. Programs like this are equipping people to change their career into the highly in-demand software development industry for a tiny fraction of the cost, and the time commitment of traditional higher education. Many of these programs are delivering outstanding results, with over 90% over their students finding jobs within 90 days. The high demand for effective education has led to explosive growth in the career accelerator industry and that has led to both students and schools scrambling to find good information, infrastructure and clarity about the programs.

hack_app’s common application service saves applicants time by allowing them to apply to several schools with one application, and also helps schools get their message out to potential students, easily convert them to applicants, and manage the admissions process from a simple dashboard. In this rapidly growing and highly competitive market, hack_app is committed to provide the infrastructure to help the industry scale, and guide students in their educational pursuits.

- Common application: allows prospective students to apply to multiple schools around the world, with just one application
- School information: courses, price and duration of all code schools.
- Applicant profiles: gives prospective students on a way to update their profiles as they continue their journey into the software development industry.
- Dashboard for member school: provides easy management of student applications.

Last updated 12 Apr 2014