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Published 25 Dec 2011

There are a couple of different meanings to the word 'hacking' in computer land. On the one hand there's the nerd who hacks into your computer for ill-gotten gain. Thankfully, Hackerbuddy isn't anything to do with that. These hackers are computer geeks who know a lot about computers and love to talk about them and share their knowledge. Hackerbuddy is a programming app that provides a conduit for one-on-one mentoring for startup hackers and coding problems.

Hackerbuddy pairs up startup coders and designers to help each other with any problems they might have via email. If you become a mentor and you've set yourself up to be available HackerBuddy will pair you up with fellow coders, designers and beta testers that might need your help. You can choose whether to accept or not but, if you do, they'll swap your details with someone who might need your help. Then they get out of your way and let the pair of you get on with solving any problems that need to be tackled. HackerBuddy helps to get your startup coding on track with help from a friendly expert. Or maybe you are in a position to give some help to fellow startup hackers and try out a few new apps. The bottom line though is that you can get to know creative, friendly and smart people who aren't that dissimilar to you.

Been there, done that! Well, if you previously run the gamut of coding problems...