Developer description

Do you need a new laptop? A camera? Has it been too long since your last vacation? Is money too tight to enjoy the luxuries of life? What if I told you that you didn't have to pay full price anymore? Would that change everything? Would you cry tears of joy?
That first paragraph is quite dramatic, but that's exactly what does.
Whenever a user wants an item, be it a plane ticket, a camera, a television, or a gift for their mom, they just submit it to Hagglemate. We use our scripts and knowledge of deals on the internet to find the best possible deal. When we send it back to you, we guarantee that you will save. It's like us giving you free money.
Hagglemate is the only deal site that finds the deal for you. We give out only the best, and no fluff. Our daily deal emails are also best of class. We find the best deals on the internet, which often are not on any other deals site and send them straight to your inbox.
We all know that daily deals sites exist, and sometimes the deals on them are great. However, all they do is make you buy things that you DON'T need. They aren't personalized to you at all and just drain your money with deals. In the end, the store still wins. With Hagglemate, you will only get what you want, so self-control won't be an issue.
Just remember, every time that you are not making a purchase on Hagglemate, you are missing out on the opportunity for FREE money. For something as small as school supply shopping to something as big as a wedding, make your life easier and more cost-effective.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015