Developer description

Half Hour Hank isn't for getting eggs at the grocery store or picking up Aunt Selma from the airport. It's probably not the best for the really big projects that require a lot of steps to get done in a specific order. But it's a great app for keeping track of all the random projects that pile up that don't really have a deadline and don't seem to ever get done.

You know, those one-off projects you put off because you've got bigger and more important tasks to attend to. Those random projects you put off because errands and weekly chores always seem to get in the way. Those misfit projects that you simply dread doing.

Half Hour Hank adds some fun to getting these misfit projects done. The app assigns a point value to each project and spits out a score. It gives you a rank as you make progress. Start off as "Lazy Lester" and level up to "Captain Adequate" and eventually "Half Hour Hank" (or "Half Hour Hilda" for all the women out there)

Half Hour Hank will even assign tasks for you with its "Randomizer" tool. Just decide how much time you can squeeze in for a misfit project, and the "Randomizer" will choose a project for you. The "Randomizer" is especially helpful for those projects you tend to put off more than others.

Look, the misfit projects matter too. You should get some credit for doing them. Half Hour Hank helps you check them off the list.

Last updated 25 May 2018

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