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Published 1 Dec 2011

Well they couldnt really call this chat and collaborate tool just a room, could they? A hall is much bigger than a room. And Hall is a fair bit more than just a chat room. Hall is the perfect place for teams, companies and communities to chat and collaborate in the same space making it easier to pass on information whilst working on projects.  Hall is an unusual thing. You don't see many chat and collaborative apps that work in total unison.

Not only that but Hall comes with an array of fine real-time tools too. You can you the notepad and a 'to-do' list as well as Ranker and Poll apps too and they all work in real-time. Halls have been designed to provide chat room-like communication for teams and communities and chat and hall activity are split into two tabs so conversation and dialogue can flow without disruption. If you have multiple halls, the activity bar will give you a live feed of all your hall activity. The activity bar also includes a list of your halls, allowing you to set certain halls as “favorites” for faster navigation. If you are assigning tasks Hall provides the world’s first real-time 'to-do' app done properly. You’ll see other hall members' activities as they type and sort items. and more. if you need collaborative text editing tool try real-time notepad app. While Google Docs is great for writing your magnum opus a simpler solution for taking notes and creating documents...