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Published 26 Feb 2016

While it should be incredibly simple, there's little that causes disharmony in the workplace more than payroll problems. All your employees’ want is to have their wages safely at their disposal on payday with no glitches, no problems and no stuff ups. Sometimes that’s not quite as easy to achieve as it seems - even more so if your staff are working in remote areas. 'halo pay for business' is South African based and a new style of pay vehicle - backed by Barclays Bank subsidiary ABSA bank - that goes some way to solving those problems.

Halo Pay is a dependable and trustworthy Android payment app for business that simplifies the payroll for all sizes of business. This all-encompassing app issues payslips to employees using an easy to follow template, securely pays them using any ABSA transactional bank account and allows them to collect their money directly from an ATM whether they have a bank account or not. You can manage all your business group communications through the group chat feature and there’s even an option to chat 'one-on-one' with individual staff members using an invitation only chat service. Halo Pay is totally secure and gives businesses peace of mind knowing that all financial activities are controlled entirely by you and are only visible to you.

The app has many other useful features. For a start, it's easy to view account balances as well as making it simple to track and manage  'CashSend' transactions for those employees not holding a bank account.  You won't have to worry about working out who worked on which day and how many hours they put in because you'll simply get a message telling you how many hours or shifts they have worked.

Halo Pay will helps keep track of salaries and wages so you can see who's been paid for what while its simple to keep a tally on how much has been spent on wages for that week. This helps you keep track of work progress and log completed jobs. Being a South African business, its also simple to transfer funds to anyone with a bank account in that country even if it isn't to an ABSA account. For staff, its an easy way to let the relevant parties know if you are sick or simply stuck in traffic while giving ready proof of your reliability as a good worker when considering other work. It'll also make it easy to check that you've been paid the correct amount for the hours that you've actually worked.

Halo Pay is a free Android app. Its very easy to navigate and features a clear and concise user interface. How does it work if you don't have an ABSA bank account, I hear you say? Well that's easily solved as you can request a sales agent to come to you to open an account. Be assured that no information - whether it be your name, phone number, account details or salary information - is ever shared with any third party. It's a simple and reliable way to make all your staff happy on payday while you manage the payroll securely and efficiently.

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