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Handbid has powered hundreds of events and delighted thousands of bidders in the process. With native apps for iPhone and Android as well as a kiosk app available for the iPad for non-smartphone users, there is not a better experience and solution for running your silent auction.

Here are 3 great reasons to use Handbid for your next event:

1. Our mobile app experience is second to none. Your bidders will love it! And yes, they WILL download an app on their phone! For those bidders without a supported device, they can either bid from the web on their phone or from our BidPad (TM) kiosk for iPad.

2. Handbid is built for FUNDRAISERS by FUNDRAISERS. Handbid has been powering silent auctions since 2011 and we have been running auctions ourselves much longer than that. We know how hard it is and we have built this system to make it EASY for you, your volunteers, and your guests.

3. Our commitment to service is as great as our software. We get as many (if not more) compliments on our customer service as we do on our software. You can be assured we will do everything we can to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Common questions about Handbid:

- How does it work?
Your guests will either download our app, bid from the web on their phone, bid from their computer, or from an iPad kiosk. Everything is real-time and Handbid allows your guests to bid from multiple places and interfaces.

- What people people don't have a smartphone or don't want to download an app?
Over 90% of your users will show up with an iPhone or Android. We also have an iPad App BidPad (TM). Anyone can bid from BidPad app using a Paddle ID. It's a great solution for those who can't use their smartphone. But, if you have that Windows Phone user or one that shows up with a (sigh) Blackberry and insists on using it..Well they can bid from the Web at Its mobile optimized and works great!

- Can people pay though Handbid
Yes! We have integrated payments in the app so that at the end of the night, your guests can view and pay their invoice without having to stand in line. Can you accept payments outside of Handbid? Sure (cash, check or your own CC system)

- Do you provide on-site support?
Yes we can do that. We have built Handbid to be easy enough to use where you can train and do it yourself, but we certainly do offer onsite experts who can do it all for you or even just provide extra "tech support" the day of your event.

- How much does it cost?
We offer a number of fixed price packages that are based on the size and number of events you run. Please contact us and we can provide you up to date pricing for your event.

- It looks cool, but is it worth the investment?
Absolutely. Sure, you expected to hear us say that. But remember, we are fundraisers too for our own charities. We know you are on a tight budget and you want to maximize dollars for your program services. Handbid MORE than pays for itself. Most of our clients see anywhere from a 30% to 50% increase over what they did before. Some even higher.

Put it this way, this is one investment that will generate more revenue at your event. You can't say the same for your caterer, venue or even the band.

What are you waiting for? Download the app already? Sign up! Its free to check out. Just go into our demo auction and start to bid around. Trust us, we won't make you pay for what you bid on there!

Also check out our iPad kiosk app, and our iPhone apps in the iTunes App Store. Play with all of them!

Have fun, play around, then give us a call and lets get started! Your bidders are waiting for an awesome auction experience. Don't deny them what they deserve!

With love -

The HandBid Team

Last updated 25 Sep 2018

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