Developer description

HandWallet is a free mobile app that allows the user to manage business and personal expenses anytime, and from anywhere, even without internet connection. Built with special features that are simple and easy to use, the app helps the user to control spending, plan budgets, track expenses and income, and avoid over-draft.
The HandWallet app includes several add-on features such as SMS banking which automatically generates transactions based on SMS from banks or credit card companies. The Expense Tracker Recorder allows the user to track expenses using their own voice, while the Accounting Widget displays the balance on the home screen of the phone. There is also a Personal Finance Locator that allows the user to see the street or building where the transaction took place. The HandWallet App gives you a better chance to discover your full financial potential by helping you to keep track of your expenses and personal finance on a daily basis. By giving you control of your financial life, the app helps you to be organized, pay bills on time, and save money.

Last updated 8 May 2015