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Imagine that you have just sat down at a local Italian restaurant that your friend has been raving about for months. Soon after, your phone alerts you that it has picked up a HangMessage that was pinned there a month ago from Jane. You finally unlock the surprise message and it reads, "If you're reading this then you've made it to my favorite restaurant that I've been telling you about! Try the pizza margherita, you'll love it! Enjoy!"

HangMesssage adds elements of fun and surprises to traditional messaging. With location-based technology, users can pick a specific location to hang a message for their friends to pick up. This can be done by entering an address, choosing your current location or selecting from a list of recent locations used. HangMessage also increases social interactions by incorporating a list of your friends' social network check-ins from Facebook or Foursquare for you to choose from.

After you have sent your message, tap on the "spyglass" to see the message hanging in the air through the camera-view display, all in real-time, in a real world environment. The augmented reality component also works for tracking down HangMessages that have been sent to you. Using the "spyglass", scan around your surroundings to see if there are any HangMessages waiting for your pick up. They'll be secured in the signature yellow envelope hovering in air. Simply tap on the envelope to retrieve more information as to who sent the message, when the message was sent and the distance between your current location and the message. A map with walking directions is also provided. The best part? There is no expiration date; the message will hang in the air until you pick it up.

HangMessage, currently available for iPhones and Android devices, enhances the texting experience. Create a treasure hunt for your friends, leave a special note for your loved one at a memorable place or even send yourself a grocery list so that when you arrive at the supermarket, the list will be downloaded on to your phone.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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