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Published 14 Dec 2011

[cont'd] plus people in it all trying to get their views across. To make the experience a more relaxed one,  HangoutCanopy limits the amount of people in the room to a mere nine at a time making conversation and meetings so much easier. If you are feeling adventurous you can even click the random button and you are back in ChatRoulette territory talking to someone you've never met before and good luck on that one.
There is no doubt that the way we connect with people has changed radically of late. Pubs and bars are no longer the only places to meet new friends and form new relationships. HangoutCanopy is a safe and fun place to chat and meet old friends and new through your Google+ Chrome account and it's totally free. Sure you can chat away on your MSN messenger or Facebook chat but you are only really chatting with people you already know. HangoutCanopy delivers a slightly different demographic in that you can pick regular chat people or chance your arm with people you have never met. And with a bit of luck there won't be any Russians with hair lips.