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We all want to show our close friends and family how special they are to us, because we know we ... More

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Published 30 Oct 2013

Have you checked out the price of greetings cards recently? It's no wonder that so many people choose to use social networks to say happy birthday to their friends rather than their rather expensive paper equivalent. What's more, having looked at some of the examples of physical birthday cards in a shop the other day, let's just say that many of them leave a little to be desired. Happy Birthday Cards by Symbyoz lets you show your family and friends just how special you think they are by creating thoughtful, personalized and really special birthday cards that you can share via your favorite social network or by email.
We all want to show our close friends and family how special they are to us, because we know we are special to them. Every year, we celebrate their existence by wishing them a happy birthday - it's a thoughtful, meaningful and universal tradition. Because of the social and digital revolution we’re in, most of these birthday wishes are now being delivered on social network sites.  On the one hand this is great because it makes it easier than ever to say "happy birthday" to our loved ones but it could be considered a little lame because most of those birthday wishes are becoming terse and uninspiring and they can get lost in the social network 'traffic.'What they lack is a personal touch and a dose of inspiration. eCards could be the solution to that problem, but after the initial burst of inspiration, most of them are a little uninspiring and tend to be a little too sarcastic for many. Happy Birthday Cards from Symbyoz lets anyone make personalized eCards using the highly customizable card creator and send personalized eCards for free to their friends and family on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest or even via eMail.  Create your eCards from a Facebook photo or from a pre-defined templates then change, move or rotate every element using the birthday card designer. Add some special effects and some cool birthday greetings text and share your creation with ease.
Happy Birthday Cards by Symbyoz is a lot of fun to use and makes it simple to create more personal and meaningful greetings than the normal one-line text message or social media post. The app even has a social side where you can earn rewards and special treats for spoiling your friends, lets you share your creations easily, get them signed online by other friends and you can vote for the best cards created. You can create your cards early and automatically schedule them to be sent on the big day, browse gift ideas and set alarms so that you never miss a friend or family member's birthday ever again. So, the next time there's a birthday coming up, rather than an uninspiring paper card or a dull digital message, try creating your own personalized eCard and save a bit of money - not to mention the odd tree or two.

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