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Happy2Help is an iPhone app that makes it easy for anyone to offer and receive help. Be it a ... More

Editor's review

Published 2 Jul 2014

Happy2Help is probably one of the most philanthropic community based applications for iPhone that we've seen this year. Whilst others offer simple, commercial operations, this one gives you a chance to improve your karma in the world by offering a helping hand to other users. Happy2Help is a social community that allows you to offer or receive help no matter whether it be learning a language, getting help with your homework or anything else you may need help with.
Happy2Help is an iPhone app that makes it easy for anyone to offer and receive help. It could be in understanding a maths problem, consulting on a Do It Yourself task, some help in learning a new language or just getting a little advice on whether you should change your job. All you need to do is to ask the H2H community. Alternatively, if you are passionate about something and have some skills and some free time, you can help out others with your opinions and knowledge. If you are feeling particularly philanthropic, you can browse the help wanted posts and offer your help by solving a problem. Apart from the good feelings you'll get, when you help others in H2H you'll also gain instant Karma points. But its really the bigger picture we are looking at here. Happy2Help gives us all the chance to pay it forward by helping each other and making our world a much happier place!
Happy2Help gives us all the opportunity to help a fellow human out and, as a consequence, to feel a little better about ourselves. It's pretty simple to use. If you've got a help request - either an online request or in-person - just post it to the H2H community and wait for a response. I can this app taking off in our local communities as well as online. If you want to help and have a bit of time on your hands you can search or browse through the help categories and, if you have the knowledge or expertise required, you can offer your services and maybe add a little meaning to your life ... as well as scoring a few good Karma points.  The developers of H2H believe that there are many people all over the world who want to help others and feel good about it. Happy2Help is an easy, convenient and rather cool way of achieving it.

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