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For new parents, growth and well-being of their newborn baby is the top most concern. We get that. Be confident of your baby's growth through our simplified CDC growth charts, expected and critical milestone of every baby stage and vaccination guidelines based on CDC recommendations. Daily baby growth tips, baby development dashboard and milestone and vaccination alerts help you to stay ahead of your parenthood journey.

Happy Hums simplifies the parenthood conundrum by keeping you in charge of what matters to you the most. Daily baby growth tips to help ease your life, that adapts to parenthood's changing needs with their baby’s growth. Easy to read and understand Growth Milestone tracker that are developed while keeping in mind that every baby is different and have their own growth and development patterns. If growth charts confound you as a parent than try our tool that are easy to understand and track your baby’s growth. Our mobile app also advises on routine immunization schedule for a newborn based on CDC recommendations and guidelines.

Last updated 18 Dec 2015

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