Developer description

Hard Drive Spy is a free and complex monitoring and control software that is meant for managers to check on their employees regarding the time spent on internet, the time spent for work, the time spent for gossip and so on… It saves all the mail and chat logs, so if the employee is looking for another job and cheating on his company, the system is able to detect this. Also the software allows to check on a boyfriend or girlfriend internet activity. A cheating partner can be caught up by saving his logs and websites’ browsing history. It records all keystrokes, passwords and usernames. Another feature of Hard Drive Spy is used to monitor the children and their activity on the web: web filtering, kidlogger, visited websites and secret alerts. It is also a theft detector, allowing to detect stolen content from various internet resources. Another feature is the ability of scaning files and folders on a computer in order to find hidden inappropriate content. So the software provides not just a certain functionality, but a large variety of features that can be used at work, at home, on a local or remote computer, mobile device and other gadgets. HardDriveSpy can be deleted from the device once the monitoring is done without leaving clues regarding the use of a control software. The logs and other gathered information is copied into a file and sent to the application’s user. It is free to download and easy to run on the hard drive of the device.

Last updated 23 Jan 2013