Developer description

Harmony is an iOS app to help develop well being, self care and relaxation. We offer courses & activities covering Mindfulness, Meditations, and Sleep.

At different points of our life, we might face a break up, an illness, a problem at work, or a negative outlook on our life. We developed this app to help deal with these issues - so you can feel better, even when events are out of your control.

What makes it different from the other meditation apps?

> Mindfulness is not just meditation. Most similar apps provide meditations only, but Harmony Mindfulness app explore mindfulness concepts, how our mind works, why do we feel frustrated... with attractive illustrations and some guidance, to help you understand your mind, and feel better.

> Mindfulness usually stops around our relationship to thoughts, for most apps. That's not our case :-) We push mindfulness activities with different routines, around hobbies, life goals, adapting to a new situation... with our daily mindfulness activities

> Most Meditation apps are quite expensive. The average being around $70 to $100 / year (USD). We currently offer it for an annual cost of just $50 / year (monthly subscription is available, too). We wanted to make it accessible for most people, while covering our costs.

We worked on this app for the last 2 years, with several mindfulness experts, voice artists, graphics designers, and developers. The goal we had in mind, was to help anybody facing difficulties, to find peace and develop well-being, without spending as much as the other apps.

We hope you will enjoy this app :-)

Last updated 23 Dec 2019

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