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Published 14 Oct 2011

Don’t lose out on a minutes worth of billable time and get your invoices truly reflecting the time and effort spent on client projects.

With Harvest you not only get a great time-tracking app but a system that syncs seamlessly with timesheet and invoice processes too.

The timer is a simple click-on click-off function and can be downloaded as a widget for Mac Dashboard, Windows 7/Vista and Yahoo. The time is automatically added to individual timesheets or can be added manually if the timer isn’t used. All timesheets can be centrally approved before billing.

Other expenses relating to a project can also be effortlessly recorded even when you’re on the move via the iPhone and Android app or Twitter. The increasingly popular practise of photographing receipts and uploading them is also a feature.

The invoice function on this one is very comprehensive and billable hours and other expenses can be very quickly pulled to create an accurate document. The look of your invoice is up to you and can be customized accordingly. Multi-currency is supported and recurring invoices can be automated along with reminders of overdue accounts.

Outright.com can also make life easier even before you’ve incurred any expenses or spent any time on a project. The estimate feature, like the invoice one, allows you to send customized documents with any relevant attachments for client approval. Once approved, the estimate can be turned into an invoice in a matter of seconds.

All of the information entered can be...