Developer description

Has Karma is a web based referral program for offline businesses. It optimizes offline referral programs for online sharing and eliminates the paperwork associated with managing a referral program. Has Karma handles all referral tracking and reward payments. Has Karma also does not charge any monthly fees. Businesses can use Has Karma and choose to pay referral rewards when they receive qualifying sales.

The Has Karma team realized how valuable referrals were to most businesses, yet many businesses don't actively market their referral programs. They created Has Karma to help these businesses keep in touch with their top referrers. Businesses can email their current promotions to referrers via Has Karma. Each referrer receives a unique link to share with prospective customers. When a customer wants to use the shared promotion they provide the referral code from the link. The business can credit a referral by simply entering the referral code at Has Karma. The app will take care of tracking the referral and sending the referral reward.

Has Karma keeps businesses in total control over their referral programs. A business using Has Karma can choose to pay or not to pay for any referral. They also set the reward amount and can change the reward on a case by case basis. There are no monthly fees to use Has Karma, so businesses are only paying for the service when a qualifying sale results.

Most businesses that are dependent upon promotional marketing incur sizable advertising costs. Has Karma offers these businesses an additional channel that doesn't have the upfront costs and risks of traditional advertising. Businesses that include referral marketing in their advertising plan are able to cultivate high quality leads and pay only for results.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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