Developer description

Hashcut is a new service that allows you to easily make clips, memes, and mashups of your favorite YouTube videos and share with your friends. Say you want to share a funny 30 second clip of Jimmy Fallon segment, but not the full video. Or a 12 second clip of an amazing Steph Curry shot. Hashcut is your new friend to get this done, in a matter of seconds. Simply set the start point, the end point, save and share.

With HashCut, you can also annotate your clips and add emojis to create video memes. Or, you can combine multiple clips to create a mashup or ‘story’, and share that with your friends. And you can save all your hashcuts for later viewing or sharing.

Try out HashCut and send us your feedback! You can click on 'Give us feedback' in the menu, or send an email to [email protected] Thanks and happy cutting.

Last updated 10 Oct 2016