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Find the most popular trending hashtags for your Instagram posts

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Hashtap allows users to discover the most popular trending hashtags on Instagram. Users can ... More

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Published 18 Jan 2016

A recent study put the number of active monthly Instagram users at a staggering 400 million with 75 million of them posting on a daily basis. What started out as a trendy iOS-only social network for photos and videos has developed into a behemoth that has become just as much a part of our lives as Facebook and Twitter. Even more so since Mark Zuckerberg got involved a couple of years back. I wonder, however, at the percentage of users that take the concept of Instagram hashtags to its optimum performance level.

The thing is, you see... Instagram is all about the hashtag. For the uninitiated, users tag their photos and videos with a # and a description of their post. In the past, users have created hashtags like #occupywallstreet to optimize their number of followers but simple ones like #love or #photooftheday are probably more of use to the likes of you and me. However, in order to give your posts the maximum impact, it's becoming more and more important to attach a hashtag that people will latch on to in order to get the most likes and to increase followers.

Hashtap is a social media monitoring application for iOS that allows users to find the most popular trending hashtags for their Instagram photos and videos. Unlike similar apps that often only allow searches for certain keywords, Hashtap lets users enter any keyword, hashtag or emoji and see the most popular ones to attach to their post to get...