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HATCHEDit.com is a mobile whiteboard for managing your personal life. We bring online, social ... More

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Published 18 Apr 2012

HATCHEDit is like a collaborative whiteboard for Android where you can organize your collective family life with a calendar, an address book, a family news and notebook tool and household blog. It's a place to keep all the important information the family needs and then adds a social aspect by letting you share relevant information, not only with your spouse and kids, but also with grandparents, babysitters and au pairs.
HATCHEDit is a mobile whiteboard for managing your personal life and succeeds in bringing social collaborative tools online and into the home.  Its a free organization tool that includes a family calendar, an address book, personalized news and blog feeds and a place to curate all that is important in your life. Share your calendar events with close family and friends and send invitations to important events Unlike many other organization tools HATCHEDit is a collaborative one, giving families the ability to fluidly communicate important information to the people that assist them. That may mean grandparents who come to stay while you are at work or on holiday, babysitters so they can get any special instructions about your children, au pairs (not that there are many of those around these days) and any important stuff for your spouses and children. You can follow your favorite blogs in one place and on the go and have a place to share things with your core social network. All members of your family can work off one calendar
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