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Everybody deserves their own soccer team! Hattrick is the original online soccer manager game, ... More

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Published 31 Aug 2011

Developed in Sweden in 1997, which has grown to include a huge following. Hattrick is available in 48 different languages, and 124 different countries feature in the game. Lead your virtual soccer team to glory, in competition with other participants from all over the world.


Hattrick is a simple game, it's easy to grasp the basics. You can play Hattrick even if you just log in once or twice a week. The challenge is not to beat the game, the challenge lies within the competition with the other participants. While competing, many participants become friends, making Hattrick also a social game.The community is a huge part of Hattrick. Check out the lively forums and make friends from around the world.


In Hattrick you perform the duties of both manager and club owner. You plan tactics and strategy, decide what to train and select which players that should play. You buy and sell players, invest in arena improvements and much more. Its got the features of soccer manager games you might buy in the shops, only your team in hattrick is constantly alive in this persistant online world. Be aware that if you leave your team unattended, then you will loose your position in your league to the eager beavers below you!


The game is based in your browser and does not require any third party downloads. The interface can seem daunting at first to someone who isnt familar with league tables, player transfer sheets etc...