Developer description

We created Haystack because we wanted a way to search for everything on the cloud without giving up our privacy. Questions like “where that document is”, “which is the latest version” and “what was that website again?” suck up far too much of people’s days (and energy).

Privacy was one of our biggest focus, which is why Haystack doesn’t store any of your data in the cloud. Everything is local. We build a search engine on your computer while also getting results directly from your cloud accounts, so you never have to look in more than one place. It’s fast, doesn’t take up much space and makes finding and sharing information really easy.

We’ve built Haystack for Engineers (keyboard shortcuts), Designers (beautiful UI) and everyone in between (Searches 20+ tools). In our early testing, it saves people over 20 minutes a day. We’re still adding more and more integrations, so if you have one in mind let us know.

Last updated 15 Apr 2019

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