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Is this new photo game the next Pokemon Go?

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Friends. New people. Anyone around you.
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Editor's review

Published 29 Jul 2016

You couldnt possibly have missed all the furore that has surrounding Nintendo's recently released Pokemon Go game. The game has taken the world by storm and is one of the first games that takes you away from the comfort of your own home to find Pokemon creatures dotted all over the landscape. Well, here's a new game for iOS that has a similar theme to it. Head Shot: Photo Assassin is a real world photo game that let's you compete against friends and family as well as any other competitors who may be playing around you.

Head Shot is a unique new game where you compete against fellow players to become the ultimate photo assassin. You'll be notified when players are close by and you can simply check your hit-list to find out who they are. Then you simply have to snap a sneaky photo of them to eliminate your target as soon as you see them. You earn 10 points for each of your successful hits with the aim being to move up the assassins ranking board. However, if you get snapped yourself, you'll lose all your points.

When you first sign up, you get to create your personal profile. Then Head Shots will assign you your designated targets and your hit-list based on who is close to your location. As soon as someone on your list is in your vicinity, you will be notified and you can make plans to snap their photo and eliminate them from the contest. Remember, the redder the person is on your hit list, the closer they are to you. The best way to move up the leaderboard is to invite as many friends as possible in order to become more competitive and to grow your hit-list so you can earn more points. Just to rub in your success, you can share all your hilarious photo hits and other encounters with your friends and 'foes' as well as viewing and liking other players'  hits in real time as they happen.

Head Shot is a fun and totally spontaneous game that is great to play with the people around you. You can play with old friends or make new ones as you snap their photo and eliminate them from the game. We in the FeedMyApp offices have been playing it on and off for a couple of days now and, like the Pokemon Go game, it's becoming rather addictive. Not only that but, whereas most games have your bottom firmly planted on your chair for hours on end, this one gets you out and about. Its social, its addictive and its heaps of fun.

Pokemon Go looks to have started something here. Over the last few years, most of the big games to hit the market have been violent shooting games that have seen players cooped up for hours in their bedrooms firing imaginary guns at imaginary enemies. However, games that get you out onto the streets and being active look like becoming the next big thing when it comes to gaming and Head Shot fits in there perfectly. It turns the real world into a live action battlefield where your iOS camera is turned into a weapon rather than a gun. But most of all it's pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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