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Our graphic editor is built specifically for creating Twitter header. We make it fast, easy, but ... More

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Published 25 Nov 2013

Over the last year or so there have been plenty of apps released that have let you create your own Facebook or Timeline header. Cover Photo Maker, new FB Cover and Picscatter are now used by millions to create beautiful images for your social media pages. There haven't been very many, however, that serve the same purpose for Twitter users. HeaderCover uses a fast and easy 'step-by-step' process to create beautiful Twitter headers that integrate your photo within the image.
You know what they say! First impressions are lasting impressions and they tend to last forever! If you want to truly personalize your Twitter page then creating a beautiful and customized cover is important. Apart from anything else, it immediately sets your identity. Headers can make a great first impression for your personal branding and, as a consequence, increase your number of followers - and that is very good for business. HeaderCover is a graphic editor application that is built specifically for creating impressive header designs for your Twitter page. It uses simple, fast and powerful technology to let you create your header using beautiful images - guaranteed to make your page stand out from the rest. The app is packed with heaps of free high quality graphics that can be attached to your design easily and your profile photo is integrated within the header - making it totally unique to you. Choose your header design from heaps of professionally designed images and add other features to make it unique to...