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Founded by sisters Dana Gibber and Caroline Klatt, Headliner’s goal is to be the online news ... More

Editor's review

Published 26 Dec 2015

How many times do you hear it these days? The news is too serious. It's depressing. Whether it be terrorist bombs, street shootings or violent Black Friday fights, it almost makes you wanna turn off the news and watch "Two and a Half Men." Well, maybe I'm stretching it a little there but i'm sure you know exactly what I mean. In actual fact, more and more people are turning to their mobiles to catch up on the news rather than the traditional TV nightly versions. However, if the truth were known, even mobile news leaves a little to be desired.

Headliner is a new streaming news service for iOS that presents news with a difference. Rather than churning out the same stories over and over again as regular news services do, Headliner delivers news for the mobile generation but presented by the likes of you and me. It switches the roles of broadcaster and viewer by offering the chance for anyone to contribute their own take on the news of the day. It still deals with all the same issues and content as a regular new broadcaster but delivers it in a much more entertaining (and often hilarious) way.

The app was put together by two twenty something sisters Dana Gibber and Caroline Klatt. They realized that a lot of their leisure time had been spent watching many different types of news but very little held their attention for long because it lacked something ... and that something was entertainment. It didn't really matter whether newscasters delivered up election stuff, sporting highlights and news about their favorite celebrities - or local news about restaurants, shops and events - it was universally pretty drab and droll. So, they came up with an idea to mix up the roles of the broadcaster and the viewer by allowing anyone to contribute their own version of news stories in 20 second sound bites.

The aim was to provide an outlet for younger smartphone users to take in and react to the news of the day and to present their views within a familiar social community. Its mission was to spice up the news and make it as entertaining, funny and exciting as possible and to inspire people into paying attention to the issues around them. What it gives us is a new source for news stories - geared towards a mobile audience - and delivered in videos that are made by the most entertaining people out there. As the app develops and gets more popular you'll find sports news reported on by die-hard fans, entertainment news served up by movie and TV buffs and election news delivered with acerbic wit by political junkies.

I guess Headliner could be called Twitter for news. Rather than serving up stories in 140 characters or less, it allows contributors to share their wit and wisdom in 20 second vignettes based around current news stories. As a contributor, if your news segments prove popular you could be elevated to the featured feed and maybe even go on to fame and fortune ... if you're lucky. Headliner is short and sweet, very social and a hell of a lot of fun. If you are a budding reporter, a parodist, a would-be comedian or a wanna-be sportscaster, here's an app that could kick on your career. As the developers say, "if you are good, people will watch you." For the rest of us, it's a hell of a lot of fun.

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