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Published 15 May 2013

You might have seen an item featured on both The Daily Show and the ABC News with Diane Sawyer programs recently that talked about the wild cost variations for hospital treatment in the US. In the case they cited - a young boy in need of a tonsillectomy - the family were given five different quotes from five different hospital locations for exactly the same treatment. Nothing unusual there, except for the fact that the lowest came in at US$2,800 and the highest was $21,000. Everyone involved agreed that there should be a 'price list' for treatments and somewhere they could compare the different quotes. Well, now there is. Healthcare Blue Book is a free new health application for iOS and Android where you can search and compare specific healthcare prices of institutions in your local area - and that includes surgeries, hospitals and dentists.
The Healthcare Blue Book is an easy-to-use app that helps you search for fair prices in your area on many common healthcare services, including surgeries, office visits, therapies, labs, images/MRIs, cosmetic surgery, dentistry and much, much more. It  is provided free to consumers and represents the fair price to pay for a service or product, assuming that the patient is paying in cash at the time of treatment. It represents the average payment amount that many high-quality providers in your area accept from insurance companies as payment in full and is usually less than the stated "billed charges" amount. Surgery prices include the three major fee categories: facility, physician and anesthesia services. The way that this app should be used is as follows. First up, you need to talk to your doctor about your recommended treatment and understand your options for care. Then you can use the Healthcare Blue Book drop down menus or search keys words to find a fair price for your non-urgent medical care in your local area. Call your provider and compare their price to the fair price. If the price is too high, consider calling three other providers. Be sure to let the provider know if you have insurance or are paying cash. It's as simple as that.
Healthcare Blue Book is brilliant health app to find the best price for treatments in your local area with all prices regularly reviewed and validated for accuracy. One has to take into account that there may be a reason that five different providers have wildly different prices on treatments, of course. But there is a huge $18,000 difference in the quotes that were quoted earlier and that is enough to make you think twice - even if it is a 5star hospital with silk sheets. The Blue Book is easy to use and simple to navigate and an essential health app for anyone considering treatment in the US. It could save you a hell of a lot of money.

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