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HeapNote is an Information Manager for small business and individuals. It lets you manage your ... More

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Published 2 Apr 2012

HeapNote is a custom-fit online notebook that lets you manage your ideas, bookmarks, to-do lists, expenses or anything else that is important to you. It does this by utilizing an extremely flexible, powerful and easy to use interface and fulfills the role of information manager that is geared to small businesses as well as private individuals.
HeapNote is an Information Manager for small business and individuals and lets you manage all the stuff that's important to you with an easy to use interface. People use it for tracking bugs, managing their business contacts not to mention storing your recipes or to-do lists. To store information you create a table which can have any number of text or numeric fields. Every table shows up as a tab. Then, you simply add notes to the table and mark them with labels. Each note can either be in text or numeric fields and is automatically summed up. Your labels then create a tree allowing you to easily express the hierarchy of things you want to store. With HeapNote, all your important information is in one place, securely stored, available 24 hours a day and  very simply organized! Create a table for every sort of information you want to store. Maybe things like expenses, bookmarks, recipies, to-do lists, contacts etc. Every table shows up as a tab.
We all need a little organizing sometimes and HeapNote does a fine job of putting all your interesting stuff in nice neat little boxes for later use. It utilizes  drag and drop technology to make it easy to place your stuff just where you want it and let's you do all the usual stuff like changing colors and fonts to pretty up your notes. Then you organize your notes into their labels and frm a very nicely organized tree. HeapNotes isn't the most amazing organize app you will ever come across but it does what it says it's going to do very nicely.

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