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Developer description

Hear is an anonymous VoIP application designed for iOS; it allows two users to connect to one another and talk, no one knows who anyone is. Additionally, it gives other users the opportunity to eavesdrop on conversations that are taking place, without the talkers ever knowing.

With a minimal design and pick-up & play functionality, Hear is a breath of fresh air in the anonymous chat market. By focusing on communication through voice, we feel that we'll be able to connect people on a level that is both natural and dynamic.

While other apps aim to drive some sort of social narrative (e.g. providing subjects to talk about or maintaining some kind of dating context), we aim to simply connect people in the most human way possible: one random encounter at a time.

And of course, the most unique and entertaining facet of our application is the eavesdropping, which has never been done before in any kind of VoIP application.

In terms of privacy and maintaining anonymity: No conversation is recorded, meaning everything is in the moment and once it's over, it's gone.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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