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If you could have a message from anyone in your past delivered to you today, who would it be from? A friend? A relative? Yourself? HearFromMe gives you the opportunity to do just that for someone special in your life. With Digital Time Capsules from HearFromMe, you can load videos, audio files, photographs, documents and more, and have them stored long term and scheduled for delivery at a time of your choosing in the future. The uses for HearFromMe are virtually limitless. Aside from the obvious posthumous messages, there are many other applications. Capsules can be used to document a wedding and then delivered to all that were in attendance and even those that couldn’t make it, ten years later as a way to say “thanks” and a way to relive that wonderful day. Parents can compile all of their child’s photos and school work from their elementary years and have it delivered upon their graduation from high school as a going away gift as they leave for college. We also offer our basic package free of charge to active military and first responders through Operation Gratitude.
All capsule contents are stored in an Amazon Cloud server using the latest encryption technology. Upon delivery, all files will be automatically updated to the latest, most current format to ensure that they can be viewed properly. Once you place something in a Digital Time Capsule, you can rest assured that your gift will be delivered as intended. HearFromMe is so much more than just a postdated email service. It is much more robust and can be easily personalized for each recipient. The contents of each capsule can be added to all the way up to the delivery date, so each one is a “work in progress”. With HearFromMe, you can preserve precious memories and have them shared with loved ones in the future.

Last updated 30 Mar 2014

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