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A site where folks create keepsake notes for their family and friends, which are delivered posthumously.

By creating posthumous notes, members experience peace of mind, closure, a way to be remembered and freedom of expression.

Imagine a child or grandchild, many years in the future, sitting down and re-reading their note. Words they've read countless times before. It's filled with wonderful sentiments . . . unconditional love, what makes them special and bits of advice about life. As they read, a big smile spreads across their face. They recall fond memories and they feel so very loved and special, all over again.

A HeartWriting note can become a touchstone, a precious gift, a permanent record of one heart speaking to another.

Notes to loved ones may include:
- Expressions of love
- Bits of advice
- Recollections of happy memories

Loved ones receive these posthumous notes in one of three ways:
- By snail mail
- By email
- Delivered by a third party (chosen by the member)

Folks can test drive Heart Writing, with a risk free two week free trial.

Last updated 28 Jan 2014