Developer description

Bring your Android to life with HeartBeats!

HeartBeats gives your phone a beating heart that beats faster and slower depending on how hard your phone is working. Customize your heart to fit you and your android. You can change the size, color, speed, angle, location, lighting, and even make your own custom hearts leaving you with unlimited choices.

HeartBeats enhances your wallpaper by letting you set the background to whatever you currently use or want. From there add-on a new heart and watch the life begin.

Visit our website to download custom hearts, read the custom heart guide, or just to keep up with the latest with us here at Silent Effects. Represent your favorite person, place, thing or just yourself and make your Android engaging to watch with HeartBeats!

All custom hearts are free to download on our website and more will be added in the future for your convenience.

[Versions included for Spanish and Chinese]

Made in the USA by Silent Effects LLC

[email protected]

Last updated 15 Feb 2016

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