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Stop arguing with your housemates about chores and food shopping.

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Hearth is designed with housemates and families in mind. Share and automatically assign chores, ... More

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Published 11 Dec 2015

Given the high price of rental residences in major cities it's hardly surprising that there are more and more share houses these days with several people splitting the cost of the rent and household expenses. In many cases, the first time they meet each other is when they move in - especially when we are talking about student accommodation. It's all good fun at first. Parties every night and new friends to get to know. But then comes the crunch when the place starts to get dirty and one person ends up doing most of the cleaning and another gets lumped with buying the food. That's the point when new friendships can begin to fray a little and you might feel that a little intervention is needed.

Hearth is an easy to use and feature-laden home management app for Android, iOS and Web that acts as a household organizer for shared households and families. It shares chores, to-do's, bills, payments and shopping lists with cohabitants so that everyone gets to do their bit and avoid the feisty arguments that can crop up between family and friends who live together.

Just create your home group and invite your family or housemates to join you and you can automatically - and fairly - assign household chores and split the bills between everyone. Hearth will even suggest the most common chores that need to be done to make life even easier. Rather than one person getting the reputation as the house nag...