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Bringing together creative thinkers, causes and people with a passion to help.

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Bringing together creative thinkers, causes and people with a passion to help.
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Published 1 Oct 2011

Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to look over your shoulder and give you a hand when you need it. Whether you are creating your dream project, committing to a social cause or just helping out a friend it would be good to have someone to help, offer encouragement and make sure everything runs smoothly. HelpersUnite brings together creative thinkers with a social conscience who have a willingness for positive change. They want to be your support network.
HelpersUnite is a finance and philanthropy tool who's aim is to change the world one project at a time. In a world first, they offer the power and willingness to bring about a positive social change by combining the creative thinkers of the world with people who have great entrepreneurial skills to ensure your charitable project's success. Add those skills to event ticketing sales and the process of fundraising is made a whole lot easier. With the huge HelpersUnite community it is possible to raise funds, increase specific awareness for the cause as well as creating an audience out there for that special event you are planning. All these fundraising aids are gathered here under one roof to make your luge easier. HelpersUnite is also a source for your charitable benefactions too. Many have voiced their concern where their donation money is really going. Here you can investigate different causes and see who your donation would help best and ensure that the bulk goes directly to where it was intended.

I love the idea of HelpersUnite. Most of us are in a privileged position compared to many yet we still need some encouragement to be a little more philanthropic. It's an easy tool to use and you can either explore featured projects, support featured causes or even arrange to attend featured events. There are video submissions as well as lots of good testimonials from satisfied users. Personally, I'm always concerned about the amount of money that is taken out of my donation for 'administrative purposes. Anything that gives more information has got to be good. So, if you are feeling a little philanthropic or you are planning a charitable event, this free tool will help.

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