Developer description

Want to keep handling customer support requests in your email without any webapps to stay signed into, but need a way to have different team members responsible for different requests and keep track of it all? Then HelPico is for you.

Many small startups that have no dedicated customer support employees are handling customer support by simply forwarding [email protected] email address to all the team members. This often leads to support emails not being answered in time because everyone expects someone else to do it.

HelPico is a free hosted help desk system that solves this by sitting between customers and the team on the email exchange, keeping track of all requests and sending reminders when no one is taking responsibility for a request. Simply forward your support email address to HelPico and you can keep answering the requests from your email client, except now you’ll have by-case tracking, complete conversation history available to everyone on the team and automated reminders making sure that someone is explicitly responsible for every single support case.

HelPico works best for teams up to 5 people handling up to 10 support emails per day. However, it’s completely free for charge for any team size and any email volume. It requires no technical knowledge only several minutes to set up and get going.

Get an account now and relieve your customer support pains without breaking your habits.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015