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Providing amazing customer service experiences has never been more important than now. Today’s customers are expecting more. They can afford to be more picky as they have more options available to them than ever before. That’s why Satisware launched Helprace, a cloud-based online platform to help businesses meet and exceed ever-changing customer expectations.
Using email or a simple help desk app may work when you have about 10 steady customers, but not when you want to grow your business and truly wow whoever comes across your support. That’s why, when Helprace intercepts a customer request, the user as well as the agent gets notified. From there on, you can involve other team members to tackle the ticket and submit its contents as part of an article for your community.What's more, Helprace is customizable for every agent. Customize your admin interface with your own filters, SLA rules, triggers and automations to suit your workflows.
The true gem of Helprace is an engaging 4-category feedback system which allows users to
a) ask a question,
b) report a problem,
c) give praise or
d) suggest an idea.
Whether reaching out through the online community or the feedback widget, users are able to use this intuitive feedback system to speak their mind. Draw your attention to the most important comment, question, idea or issue. Capitalize on this knowledge to position your company on a truly customer-centric path. Helprace also features customer profiles, multiple branding and product categories as well as multiple agent support. This means Helpace scales with your company with no worry on your part.
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Last updated 6 Aug 2015