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An exciting and addictive role playing game to keep you amused for hours

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Published 8 Jul 2014

The Tower Defense (TD) style of video game is a sub-genre of real time strategy games where the idea is to try to stop an invading force from making inroads into your territory by using various fighting methods - and anything else you can get your hands on. I guess the genre began when Atari introduces the game Rampart way back in the early 90's. The graphics have changed a lot over the years but the gameplay is basically pretty similar. Hero TD - Ancient Continent is a multiplayer online role-playing game for Android, Blackberry10 and iOS that proves to be an exciting and addictive addition to the genre.
Hero TD is one of the most ambitious, intelligent, immersive and hardcore games on the market and is great for novice adventurers as well as veteran gamers. The basis of the game is for your guard heroes to help the princess to resolve the crisis in the kingdom of the Ancient Continent. However, the story that evolves between battle-hardened Gree and the beautiful yet powerful Ida will change every time you play. Will the evil bad guys manage to hold back our heroes or will they march on to victory? In the true tradition of great online games, it seems that your gameplay is the only thing that will decide the fate of the characters, their friends and the whole kingdom. You can choose from over 12 different guard heroes - each with a different skill to fit your unique playing style - and there are hundreds of different items and gems to find along the way. The game has varying game modes that each offer fresh and unique opportunities to loot, honor and to strive for the ultimate glory. Using the chest mode you can defeat waves of enemies at a time - giving you an increased reward and offering a different surprise each time. In the guard and plunder modes you can compete against others to gain and defend your honor. There's also a special competition arena for each elite player to gain the ultimate achievement. While Hero TD is a free game, you can easily upgrade and give yourself an even better chance of claiming a strategic victory for your princess.
Hero TD is one of those games that is pretty easy to play but far more challenging to master. It features 27 levels with three varying difficulty modes that range from pretty easy - for the newcomers - to downright hard. The hard level will challenge even the most dedicated gamer. The graphics are fairly rich and the gameplay flows easily enough to please the most dedicated of gamers. The characters are beautifully drawn 'cartoon-style' figures that lend themselves to both male and female players. Hero TD is a fun and addictive free game that will keep you amused for hours at a time and you will definitely find yourself saying "I'll just play one more" when you really should be finishing your homework or getting some sleep.

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