Developer description

In Heroo the rules are very simple, but puzzles grow more and more complex after each stage. In each level there are several hexagonal elements that can rotate when you tap on them. The goal is to match color of the edges for each adjoining element, but you have to be careful as moves are limited.

Heroo requires some logical practice as with each level new elements are added and puzzles increase in difficulty. This, however, is one of the features that make this game fun:
- 250 levels in total that help you practice your logical thinking
- Social score sharing via Facebook to challenge your friends in obtaining the best score
- Star rating based on how many moves you make
- Simple graphics that allow you to focus on the puzzle

Heroo is a challenging brain puzzle that puts your mind to the test. It is available for free on Google Play and only has in-app purchases for additional bonuses (i.e. extra moves, powerups).

Last updated 10 May 2014

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