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Hexabot.io is an online tool for building and managing chatbots on Messenger. Hexabot.io comes ... More

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Published 18 Jul 2018

If you asked a number of potential customers about their most frustrating experience when dealing with an online business I'm betting that most of them will say that there's not much worse than sitting on the phone for half an hour while waiting for customer service. It's made worse when it's just a simple question that needs answering. And that's why the chatbot was invented. It enables customers to ask and get answers to frequently asked questions via an automated service. Amazingly enough, the first chatbot was created back in the early to mid 60's but the phrase itself wasn't really adopted till the mid 90's when Michael Mauldin coined the phrase chatterbot. Since then they have become an essential piece of the online puzzle.

Most chatbots are pretty simple and are programmed to answer the most obvious questions. However, the next generation have taken them up a notch. Hexabot.io is an online tool for building and managing chatbots on Messenger. However, it's not just your basic chatbot app. As well as all the regular stuff needed to build great chatbots, it also comes with a couple of very interesting features to make life easier and to make the chatbot's interactions with clients run more efficiently. For a start, it has a visual editor which lets you set and control the dialog flow. More interestingly, though, it carries an NLP (Natural Language Processing) feature that enables the chatbot to...