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Published 18 Jul 2018

[cont'd] touch with them to schedule a demo for you if you want a little more convincing.

The general idea of having a chatbot element to your website is to augment your sales and support team in their interactions with customers with 24 hour / 7 days a week availability. Customers won't be hanging on the phone for ages waiting for the next available support person and can generally have their questions answered there and then. Chatbots are designed to be polite, no matter the circumstances, and don't suffer the day to day trials and tribulations that real people can succumb to. They can also potentially deal with thousands of enquiries at a time no matter whether it is day or night...or even if it's a holiday. Any complex enquiries that they can't handle can be programmed to be passed on to an experienced staff member. Hexabot.io allows companies to focus on understanding their audience and continuously improve its chatbot.. Get in touch and give them a try now.