Developer description

Are you ready for the ultimate classic sci-fi game? Fasten your seat belts to fly high through the space with "Hexaid- Fly Challenge" game. The game "Hexaid-Fly" is the most challenging and fun-filled space game. Just one touch and fly your spaceship high up in the space. The game is designed with epic graphics and thrilling sound effects. Beware of the obstacles that come along the way. Stay focused and overcome all the obstacles to fly higher and higher.

"Hexaid- Fly Challenge" is the most addictive game with endless fun and never-ending adventure. The obstacles continue to increase as your spaceship goes higher and higher. Don't miss out the power boosters to upgrade your ship and improve your spaceship's performance. This will help you overcome the obstacles quickly. The game "Hexaid-Fly" is best for relaxing your mind for all age group players from kids to adults. This fun and challenging combo game helps you to improve your efficiency and reaction skills. Be quick and watch out for the obstacles. Fly as high as you can to score the maximum points and set a new record.

Download the most challenging game "Hexaid- Fly Challenge" and dare to survive this huge galaxy of obstacles. Make the best use of the power boosters at the right time to survive longer in the game. The game is all about your speed and presence of mind. Fly the spaceship for a longer time and challenge your friends to beat your record. You will surely have the best time flying this amazing spaceship with futuristic 3D space effects.

Last updated 13 Nov 2018

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