Developer description

With HeyBiz, you can now connect and message real time with business without sharing you mobile number. You can freely ask queries to business or HeyBiz experts instead of taking pain of going over internet, searching details or calling support number.
• Instant access to premium businesses or services near your location.
• Ask your queries to Gym experts while sitting on your sofa.
• Check out best coffee place for your lovely evening while working in office
• Are you confused which property you should buy? Get the answers from heyBiz experts.
• Its time of pre-school for kids, with just one click talk to best pre-school available in your area.
• Are you tired to finding good driving school ? We have solution and business available.
• Don't get confused by long and often incomplete local listings currently available online.
• Make informed purchase decisions right on your mobile
• Be the first to learn about discounts, deals and new stock
• Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your privacy is protected
• You are in complete control of how much or how less you want to interact with a business

Last updated 6 Aug 2015