Developer description

Hideez Lock Allows to Log into Computer Using a Smartphone

Hideez Lock requires additional installation of a client on PC (Mac/Windows) from
Biometric Security
Lock and unlock your computer with your fingerprint on your smartphone
Remote Control
You can lock and unlock your computer at a range convenient to you
No matter which operating system you have, your phone is your key for any Computer.
Safe Connection
Connection with a smartphone is done simultaneously over Bluetooth and the Internet
Access Worldwide
Control your PC or Mac access remotely from any place of the world
Log in at a distance
You can log in and check a current status of your remote computer anywhere in the world
Multiple Computers
You can control status, logins to many Laptops and Desktops on a single screen
Hideez Lock App is intended to supplement existing methods of user authentication and includes a smartphone as one of the factors of authorization. With the benefit of Hideez Lock users can go through the identification on a smartphone in a convenient way for them, after which the smartphone unlocks the personal computer.
The Hideez Lock allows using crypto-resistant strong logon password without the need to remember it. Just input it at the beginning. To access the computer, the user operates his "trusted" smartphone and, for example, its biometric authentication. As a result, the encrypted password will be decrypted and transferred to the operating system. Hideez lock allows a user not to be responsible for choosing and storing complex passwords.
Key Features of Hideez Lock:
• Proximity measurement between the user and the computer with Bluetooth signal level;
• Providing remote access to computer to anyone in a way that the person does not know the real password;
• Automatically lock the computer as soon as the user leaves it;
• The user password is not stored, transmitted, or used in an open form.
Minimum Requirements:
Computer and Smartphone should be connected to Internet.
Bluetooth 4.0 LE enabled on Computer and Smartphone for Proximity Lock feature.
Windows version 8.1+ (For Proximity Lock feature: Windows 10 Creators Update+)
MacOS version 10.11+
Android version 5.0+
IOS version 10.3+

Last updated 8 Mar 2018

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