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HiGear is a private car-sharing club for luxury and sports cars. You can rent amazing cars from ... More

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Published 14 Nov 2011

Do you feel envious when you are driving around town in your rented Ford Fiasco and watching as all the cool luxury cars whip past you? It would be great to be able to hire something a bit more upmarket to make a change. The problem there, of course, is it's a little cost prohibitive, isn't it? While it would be nice to shell out for that Mustang for a day it's not particularly cheap and could set you back hundreds of dollars. So if I told you there was a cool little members only club you could join where you could rent luxury cars for about half the price of most of the Main Street rentals you'd be keen, wouldn't you? Well, there is. HiGear is that club.
HiGear is a private car-sharing club for luxury and sports cars. You can rent amazing cars from real people like you in your city. So how does HiGear work?  Simple. An average car is not being utilized 90%+ of the time. HiGear connect with members who have these cars and, when they are not using them, they can be made available exclusively to  members who want them.  Nobody can have every single interesting car ever made. But by belonging to a private club like HiGear you can choose from a great selection  of sports and luxury cars and be driving a different one each weekend. Members can share and rent luxury cars from each other within a trusted, secure community of car enthusiasts. HiGear claim to have the largest such collection in the US. Club membership gives you access to prices that are 50% off or more and also generates extra income by making their cars available to other members when not in use.  Each member's driving record is verified to filter out bad drivers and a security deposit is negotiated to encourage safe and fair use of members' cars. Insurance, verification and logistics are all covered so you can focus on what you really love – driving great cars with people who love cars like you do.

The last time I was driving in San Francisco I had all these great plans of renting a Dodge for the week and driving down Highway One to Monterey. One of the world's great road trips. Sadly it didn't quite work out and I ended up with a rather anonymous looking Ford. Which was fine but not quite the Dodge experience I was looking for. It was just too expensive to justify. However, HiGear throws another set of keys onto the table and this easy to use car rental tool will come in very useful next time I'm in town.

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