Developer description

Highway Car Chaser Lane Racer is a mouthful to say but its one crazy addicting racer none the less.

We've simplified the controls to only two options. Touch the left of your screen to drive left and touch the right of your screen to drive right!

Your goal is to simply dodge, dodge, and dodge some more... oh and try not to crash onto other cars you don't want to get into an accident do you?

Get to the rhythm keep up the pace, go faster and faster.

This simple yet addictive free racing game may just be the game you've been wanting to play in a long time.

Challenge and compete with your friends and conquer the leaderboards.

- Over 10 cars to collect (some you maybe familiar with) with more on incoming updates
- Integrated Online leaderboards allowing you to compete with friends and others in the world leaderboards
- Collect achievements as you get better and better
- Addicting music made by Polyfronetic (Booyah) and Azzyko (Wake up)
- Simple controls & addicting gameplay

Last updated 22 Nov 2016

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