Developer description

Learning languages is tough, and sometimes requires some help from outside sources. However, receiving answers from google translate or similar services sometimes just isn't enough. Sometimes the sentences output from such services are unnatural or too formal. There are also cases in which you're not sure which situation you should use words from these same services. HiNative is a new service which allows users to receive feedback from other users who speak the language natively with fairly quick response times. You can find HiNative here: The interface is fairly simple. If you want to know an answer to a question, just hit the ask button and you'll be provided various question formats:
- How do you say this: If you need to know how to say something in another language pick this one.
-Does this sound natural: For times when you think you know how to say something but you're not 100% sure if it's natural or grammatically correct.
-What's the difference: For the times when two words or phrases have similar meanings, but you want to know in which situation the correct word or phrase to use.
-Free Question: In case you want to ask anything about culture or maybe something else that the other question formats don't assess. Answering questions is just as easy. If you see questions on your feed that you may be able to help with, you just tap on their question, give the asking user your feed back, and that's it. You can also upload pictures, for situations when you need to read someone else's handwriting or perhaps there's a sign or post that you can't read or maybe you just want extra clarification.
When setting up your profile you can choose to receive questions from as many of HiNative's supported 120 languages as you'd like. You can set your native language and also languages that you have interest in. Questions from each of the languages you choose will come up on your question feed. HiNative also has a feature in which you are able to upload audio, so you can receive feed back from native speakers about pronunciation​. As of now HiNative is only an iOS app. So if you're using android or another device, then you'll have to use the browser version of it. The browser version is however in mobile format, making it more accessible for users of other devices. The android version is coming soon. If you're looking for quick replies to questions about a foreign language that you're interested in from native speakers, by all means check HiNative out.
You can find HiNative here: Or you can download the iOS app here: (edited)

Last updated 6 Aug 2015