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Published 22 May 2014

If there is one form of music that you could nail to a specific city it is probably Hip-hop and New York. There is a fair bit of Caribbean influence in there too, of course, but it's origins lie in NYC with Grandmaster Flash, the Sugarhill Gang and Africa Bambaataa. Back then it was known as Disco Rap while today it takes on many forms including Rapping and even MC-ing and is one of the most popular forms of music on the planet. These days, the genre is played all over the world by people of all kinds and with varying levels of expertise. Hip Hop Box is a new music app for iOS that aims to make it easier to break into the business by offering great advice and a set of tools to make a virtual studio to make your music sound even more professional.
The point of Hip Hop Box is to give budding rappers, hip-hoppers or anyone else who is interested in making this type of electronic music, the chance to make professional sounding tracks in a few minutes and with minimal previous knowledge. It does this by providing heaps of features including multilayer recording, templates to follow and hundreds of cutting edge loops and sound effects to turn your music into something special. According to ten year veteran Hip Hop producer and developer Jessada Charoenkitvorawut you can get professional results very quickly if you know the rules about making hip hop music and...