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A travel blog thats Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all rolled into one

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THE travel blog, trip journal & photo diary. HipGeo allows people to easily record and share ... More

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Published 6 May 2012

HipGeo is a travel journal and blog application that was given the accolade of "Most Promising Travel Tech for 2012" by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Now when I saw this award given my eyes lit up because, let's face it, the world can't have too many travel apps. So how did Hip Geo grab the headlines? By providing a great looking free trip journal and travel diary which keeps all your useful travel information in one place - on your smartphone.
You will find plenty of great travel blogs and guides reviewed in FeedMyApp with apps like Tripl, Exploguide and Know What among the best - but very few offer the depth of features that HipGeo contains. This travel blog, trip journal & photo diary allows you to easily record and share what you do on your travels, excursions and vacations  using smart phones. HipGeo automatically groups photos, comments, places, tags, likes and dates together in interesting ways allowing users to search and follow real travelers who go to interesting places. As people go about their normal posting, HipGeo creates place blogs with user generated content. Besides seeing what your friends or family are doing while out and about you can also access this user generated information to help plan a trip or discover something interesting.
For sharing your travel exploits and viewing others' experiences its hard to go past HipGeo. It is truly the next generation of location, sharing and blogging apps. It is an easy to use travel application that is the perfect place for bloggers to deliver their travel journals complete with photos and stories and present them inside a truly beautiful and very snappy interface. HipGeo is a great fun way of keeping track of your travels and has been described as a cross between Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

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